What’s One Way Your Partner Supported You In Labour? 27 Women Share.

There’s something very powerful about men supporting, protecting and fighting for women during labour. Here’s what a number of women said in response to this question:

“What’s One Practical Way Your Partner Supported You In Labour?”

  • “He would breathe with me. Including moaning with me. It made me feel like I wasn’t alone.” — Emily
  • “Counter pressure for every single contraction” — Chelsea
  • Literally held my left leg up while I pushed in the pool. Held my hand every other moment.” — Megs
  • “Never left my side. Giving me water. Holding my head.” — Kady
  • “Walked the hallways with me for 2 hours at 3am” — Brooke
  • “Letting me know he was there, touch, a soothing voice” — Lexi
  • “Just attentive existence. I wanted him next to me, in the moment with me.” — Brooke
  • “Made me food!” — Vanessa
  • “Helped me remember to breath with it all got a bit much” — Rosie
  • “Water and hip squeezes” — Anonymous
  • “Trusting in my power to birth unmedicated at home in peace” — Anonymous
  • “Advocating for our birth plan” — April
  • “Kissing” — Stephanie
  • “Looking in my eyes to keep me focused, saying encouraging words.” — Jayne
  • Being beside me, letting me hold him, encouraging me, telling me I’m doing good”. —  Anonymous
  • “Stayed by my side the entire time. Cried with me. Held me hips” — Charlotte
  • “Applied pressure on my lower back for three hours straight!!! A Champ!” — CJ
  • “Prayed with me. Continually told me I could do it.” — Desiree
  • “Supported me physically as I hung onto him and swayed” — Miranda
  • “Just being present, doing what I asked and being encouraging.” — Kell
  • “He was just there holding space and grace for me. Not directing but following this birth WITH us.” — Luna
  • “Counter pressure on my lower back and getting me beverages” — Maria
  • “Hours and hours of hip squeezes” — Chelsea
  • “Reminding me to relax my jaw/hands/muscles and take deep breaths” — KP
  • “Counter pressure and just being present. He was always near me.” — Leah
  • “Held me as I leaned into him during contractions” — Ell
  • “He watched my hands closely to get a nonverbal cue for it if I needed him for a contraction.” — Eliza

Much love,
Stephanie Renee Cluff

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